La Fundación tiene el objetivo de promover el desarrollo y la popularización de los estudios

latinoamericanos tanto en Polonia como en el mundo y promover el acercamiento entre Polonia y América Latina y el Caribe,

conforme con la herencia científica del Profesor Andrzej Dembicz.

Among our goals are:

To foster the development and dissemination of Latin American Studies home and abroad,

To strengthen the relations between Poland and Latin America and the Caribbean, in the spirit of Professor Andrzej Dembicz’s scientific legacy,

To document and to preserve the memory of Professor Andrzej Dembicz,

To support young and experienced researchers committed to the broad field of Latin American Studies,    

To support scientific and educational institutions in Poland,

To promote Poland’s achievements in Latin American Studies, especially interdisciplinary studies, and to impulse the transfer of these achievements into the economy,

To bring together Poland and Latin America in scientific, cultural, social and economic terms, including the provision of humanitarian and development aid to the peoples of the Region.